Hello to all.  My name is Jennifer and I am a 26 year old wife and first time expectant mother.  I first started this blog 2 years ago as a place to write down the mundane everyday  happenings of my life.  Things have changed and I am about to become  a first time mom as well as being a wife.  I love my husband and find myself so excited to be taking this next step in our marriage.  Things have not been easy but really what relationship has it easy.  I stopped writing back in June when we were preparing to move to a new city in Oregon, buy a house, prepare for baby and start counseling.

First I must say my husband and I believe fully in counseling for anyone.  It has been the best thing for our marriage and we both feel strongly about it.  He has even said that he agrees with the movie with Robin Williams “License to Wed” and everyone should have to go before marriage.  I think it would have saved us a lot of arguments and me tears.  However, you live and learn and become better for it.  Hence my page name “Trials & Trips.”  My life is made up of a lot of trial and error and I often trip up, but somehow find my way.  Soon we will get to see what mishaps I will have in raising of a child.  I am due January 3rd, 2010.  So pretty close now.  Come and laugh, cry, and smile with me.


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