As a Christmas gift to myself I bought a sewing machine.  It is something I wanted because I would like to take up sewing and didn’t think I would actually buy one today but I did.  I got a Singer that was on sale for 98.99 at Joann’s and even tried it out a little bit today.  Of course after getting home I look it up online and there are several bad reviews for it.  I have to hope that part of those are more experienced sewers rather than a beginner like me who doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles, or $3000 machines.  I am going to start out by making some blankets for my nieces.  I bought some fabric, granted not enough as I found out tonight, and will work on them  so that they can be the birthday gifts.  However, the one I working on first is for my niece who’s birthday is in November.  Kid better like pink still at that time, and lets hope I don’t just give it to her early.  Who am I kidding, most likely I will.  I am just so excited to have something to do other than watch t.v., go on the internet or read a book.  Those have been my hobbies/past times for years so I need to branch out.  I did try taking up painting this past September and did about 4 paintings but there is only so much wall space and it is hard to give “so-so” art out as gifts.  So on to sewing!

Not sure if I mentioned this, I think it happened on Wednesday but I can’t remember.  Ran myself right into the end of a door.  Hurt like a mother. . .  and scared the crap out me.  I called the Dr. just make sure I had enough padding going on to only jar the baby which they said I did.  Hurt me pretty good though.  I don’t plan on repeating that anytime soon, I hope.


So yesterday was one extrememly stressful day for me.  Sunday night I was checking out our bank accounts when I noticed that money was missing out of an account and it happened to be a large chunk.  Turns out the bank lost a deposit of ours before Thanksgiving and even though I went in and thought I got them to fix it they ended up taking the money back out thinking it was a mistake that we had it in there.  So I flipped out Sunday night and could not sleep I was so mad!  I dealt with the issue already and then it gets reversed and no one contacts me.  So I was up until 1:30am Monday morning before being tired enough to sleep.  I calmed down though and figured I would just go back in after my OB appt and get it fixed.

OB appt went well.  During my NST baby was very active which was nice to see.  I also got to see a few uterus contracts.  Asked the Dr. questions on what I will need to do now that I am full term and could go in to labor anytime and left feeling good. I drove back across town to the bank.  Talked with the same banker who helped me back in November.  She remembered me and that was good.  I told her they took the money back out.  She looks through the account and claims to have found the reason.  She states that after she had credited one of our accounts the money that the back office had found the error and credited a different account of ours the money.  I told her they didn’t but she said she can see two deposits for the same amount in that account which is why they would have taken back out the money she put in.  I told her it didn’t add up that if that was the case we would have no extra money in our account they credited us (because those deposits I do each month go direct into savings after I deposit).  She then did the wrong thing, she told me that if I was missing money that that was a concern and she would be happy to go over my register with me.  I worked at a bank a couple years ago so I know what that translates to “the bank is not wrong you are, you lost your own money”  Oh hell no.  I go home, log on to online banking and lo and behold they don’t show two deposits into that account and the balance is the same she was showing me.  I was right.  I hit print and drive my ass back down to catch her before lunch, which I did.  I show her there is not two deposits, just the one.  She looks. . hmm. . . she sees it doesn’t seem to add up.  She has me log onto my online banking at her station and sees that yes I am correct, the bank still hasn’t freaking given us our money (several hundred btw!).  So she makes a call, does another research request and then asks if I can get a copy of the checks.  So now I have a call into the people who send the checks to find out if one of them has even been cashed and if so if they can send us copies.  If not then I have to have the check re issued cause the bank lost them!  All because the teller who did the transaction when I brought them in tried to deposit both checks into the same account even though I had two different deposits slips for two different accounts.

I went crazy when I was at home printing out my online banking.  M tried calling me and I was flipping out that I had been told I lost several hundred rather than bank error.  He freaked out and drove right home because he was so afraid I was going to go into labor because of the stress.  After the bank M and I had lunch and snuggled on the couch which I really needed.

Yesterday was also our 2 year anniversary.   I love him and am glad I married him.  Even if he doesn’t know that when your wife is pregnant and hits the last few weeks of pregnancy she goes insane and needs extra TLC.  I have been emotionally smooth the last few months but not anymore.  Lots of anxiety and easily set off and easy to cry.  Fun fun fun.  I hope it doesn’t mean anything for after the baby is born.

I dreamt a lot last night.  Some nights I remember my dreams more than others and last night was one of them since I dreamt about having the baby.  I have had only two other dreams during the pregnancy.  First was really weird, I had the baby and it was a girl (dream was before we knew the sex) and I went to change her diaper.  Only where her female parts should be was a mouth.  Yeah, not sure what that one meant.  Then the other dream was I delievered her and M and I were so excited and just happy.  Then last night I dreamt that I had to have a c-section.  I am laying on the table being given medicine and then they start cutting.  They cut me along the left side of my abdomen which was some new way of doing it.  They took her and took her to a different room to my husband.  I kept asking why I needed a c-section and the Dr. would only give some lame excuse that I would not have been able to push her out because I didn’t know how to push right.  Yet they never even gave me a chance to push.  I was pissed and upset.

I guess one can only expect to have more weird dreams as time draws close.

June 14th was my last post. . .wow.  Well where to begin on what happened since then.  We bought a house which closed at the end of July, we moved to the new town the same day we closed.  Just prior to closing my husband and I started couples counseling which was the best, I mean it, the best thing for us.   I have had a good pregnancy and hope the soon to come delivery will be just as good.  I have been busy putting together the nursery and getting to know people in our new community but I have not been working since the end of June.  Life got a little boring but having the baby to prepare for kept me excited.  We found out in August that our baby would be a girl and so the name we choose is Addison Lee.   I am now 37 weeks along and considered full term so any day now she can come.  Let the excitement begin!



So with everything stress wise going on I have neglected to update, when I reality I should not avoid this blog because it is perfect stress relief.

First, MIL is still here but M so nicely told her to go away to her daughters for a week. This has been the best week. I like her but I just need her not here. I need an arrival date and a departure date which I don’t get with her staying with us. Luckily if she arrives back at our house on Wednesday which I hope then I only have to spend a couple days with her before our vacation. So rock on. Still don’t know when she will finally leave.

My first doctor appointment was on the 12th. I was disappointed going in thinking there would not be an u/s and M would not get to see the baby because he wont be able to get the time off now. Well, the wonderful NP that we met with had them squeeze us in. She was amazing. Now I am so upset about not staying with this office. I don’t meet the doctor until the 29th but I am hoping to have some idea as to when I will switch to the doctor in the new town soon. The baby measured 11w 3d at the visit when I thought I was 10w 5d so that made me happy too. They got he/she to dance a bit and sit up an stretch (or at least what looks like that) heart beat was 162bpm. They gave us a bunch of pictures but I have yet to figure out how to scan them onto my computer. I would show baby bump photos but, there are none. I show no difference yet from 4 weeks to 10 weeks or now. I haven’t gained any weight yet either. I get car sick now and get light headed which I don’t enjoy. Still pretty tired all the time. In a couple more weeks I hope the tired feeling will go a bit away.

Bought my first set of maternity bras, a tummy sleeve and preggy drops. It was exciting. I just need a bump now!

Spent the morning vacuuming and cleaning carpets, scrubbing bathtubs and laundry.

In other news M and I are going to try marriage counseling. We need it especially with all the stresses going on in our lives. Things got bad for a bit. It is a bit better but we still need help.

So that is why I have been missing. will try to keep updating though.



So I have never tried go-gurts before yesterday.  we were at the store getting his boston cream pie when I saw the go-gurts and was looking at the flavors when my eye got caught by scooby doo and gang and I saw there was a fruit punch flavor.  Oh it was on.  I grabbed that box so quick.  Just had my first one this morning.  Nummers:)

House hunting sucked, M and I want different houses.  His mom is out of town with him.  Wish I could have gone to the coast too but at least I am left alone here.  Last week was so awkward with her and me here alone when her daughter is just 20 miles away and she only stayed one night with her because I guess she feels more comfortable at our place.  Go figure, it made me less comfortable.  He claims he will talk with her this week.  I doubt he will.  I had so many fights with that man about it, even threatened to go to my parents until she left.  She isn’t a bad person but I feel it is unfair we are not given a begin/end date to her visit, 1 month or maybe 2.  He told me she understood we needed our time to ourselves and she would spend most the time with her daughter instead I get the vibe that she is spending most of her time with us and giving us alone time by spending a few nights with her daughter here and there.  Uh, no not what we meant.  I am also stressing then about what she plans on doing in a year when she leaves her other son.  I don’t want to live with her yet.  I am sorry but I just don’t.  It isn’t fair.  She has a daughter she can live with who has invited her to live there but she feels she would be imposing.  Apparently she doesn’t feel that way about just moving in with the young, newly married couple who still have a lot of issues.  My right shoulder has broken out horribly from the pregnancy and the extreme stress her being here has caused.

That would all be why I haven’t posted lately.



We are moving, looking for a house, I am emotional and M’s mom is visiting which brings out my frustration in not knowing what is going on, how long is she staying? I don’t know, How long is she staying with us? I don’t know. Is she planning on moving in with us even though M supposedly told her that we don’t want that yet? I don’t know. I just want to avoid my home right now so I don’t have to interact with either of them.