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We have been having some thunder storms lately with just plain cooler days so I decided it was okay to make some soup/stew.  M loves this stuff so much and I don’t blame him cause it is pretty darn good, and easy to make and and and! Can be used for multiple dinners that week, […]

Baking fool


Not really but you know.  I baked butterscotch cookies last night.  I don’t have the recipe in front of me but should anyone want it I will get off my arse and go get it if you ask.  They are yummy.  I made M take a bag to work and then I left the rest […]

This is for all those foodies out there and because I love to share things that taste oh so great.  The two recipes I list below are loved by my husband, the pasta salad more so however.  I don’t actually measure when I make these so please I hope you understand. Potato Salad: 5 large […]