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So, since getting the wonderful faint pink line I have felt like I am  apart of a whole new group.  Moms.  I feel like I have been let into some secret club that I never knew how bad I wanted to be apart of.  I am not even 5 weeks yet but I am buying […]

I have been holding my breath in suspense this past week.  I haven’t come on to type anything for fear that I would spill my hopes, dreams and fears to only find that it was another month of disappointment.  Well,  I seem to have found my way to disappointment again but at least I strung […]

The Silly


I am currently watching 10.5 Apocolypse.  The original one made me laugh and so does this one.  Still I can’t take my eyes off of it.  I guess it just comes from what little geology I did have before leaving school that makes me laugh a bit.  Granted it is better than watching nothing. We […]

Baking fool


Not really but you know.  I baked butterscotch cookies last night.  I don’t have the recipe in front of me but should anyone want it I will get off my arse and go get it if you ask.  They are yummy.  I made M take a bag to work and then I left the rest […]

The family is still here.  I still have the best birth control on earth.  I love my sister and brother’s kids.  They make me want to have kids.  Mainly cause I can yell at them and tell them to stop that.  So maybe it would be different if it was our own, and we only […]



The best form of birth control is children themselves.  Yes, some are not bad but even 1 in 4 being an annoying little turd is enough for me to tell him to wrap it up.  His niece is visiting.  Granted home life is a tough one for her, but cry me a river I don’t […]

I had a huge emotional break down on Wednesday.  Call it stress (which I knew I was doing but didn’t realize that much) or call it PMS (lord I hope) but it built up and boy did it flood out.  I haven’t had an emotional break down like that since I was on birth control. […]