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Tears of Fear


I can’t help but feel with each passing day I am a day closer to being induced.  I should be thinking that with each passing day I am a day closer to meeting my baby but an induction terrifies me and so that is what the count down seems to be for.  I want to […]

Okay this is going to be short and sweet.  I have been feeling blue today over not going into labor yet.  I am done, not that I am tired of being pregnant.  I want to meet her and I want to meet her naturally without induction.  I want to go into labor on my own […]

Today is my estimated due date and I would like to welcome you all to the party in my tummy.  Addison is enjoying the warmth of being inside there and is rather snug.  Making no apparent signs of vacating any time soon, no dropping, no (excuse the tmi) mucus plug loss or bloody show and […]

Happy New Year!


I went to bed early and listened to the rain and fireworks.  Yup I am a party animal.  Also I was having some bathroom trouble either that was brought on my contractions I was having or brought on the contractions (but not labor or a baby).  All  I have to say is the pain of […]