The Waiting Game


The holidays were good.  I surprised my parents with stockings which they haven’t gotten in over maybe 30 years.  My mom was extremely excited.  It felt good to that for them.  I got the last of the baby things I needed including the swing which I set up Christmas day.  My dad and M put up the valances and then my mom and I went shopping at Ross bought a bunch of stuff to go above the kitchen cabinets since all the Christmas stuff came down.  I was able to get everything to compact down into rubbermaid bins which allowed us to get more open shelves in the garage which made M pretty happy.

Still pregnant, still waiting.  We were hoping she would be coming around Christmas as I a great surprise but nope.  I had my 39 week OB appt today.  They all had expected me to pop already because of how she was acting.  Did my NST again today which I passed but they weren’t overly happy with how she was rebounding.  So I go back in tomorrow for another NST to see if she does any better.  I didn’t notice good BH contractions like I did the week before so that bugged me.  I hope she comes soon.  I just want to meet her.  If she holds out then she will just be the best birthday present I could ask for I suppose:)


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