New Hobbies and What not


I spent the majority of Saturday sewing and wow was my upper back hurting me.  I had to constantly remind myself to use good posture but it was a tad difficult since I never have good posture.  Someday I might, and maybe with sewing I will learn to have it.  I worked a tad bit on the blanket on Sunday but otherwise spent the day with M.  I was a wee bit grumpy due in part to lack of food and then largely because I am hormonal and pregnant and thus cranky on occasion.  However, Sunday was a very productive day as was the whole weekend.  We bought a new set of knives, an iron, new sleep pillows, a chest freezer, and valances for the living room.  All of which was made possible by the end of year bonus.  Most of the bonus went into our health savings account, then some into regular savings, another portion to the car and then some remain to above mentioned items.  The chest freezer was a great deal.  It is only 5.0 cubic feet but we were going to buy it at costco for 149.99 with no way to get it home except ask a neighbor.  I wanted to take a peek at the ones Lowes had and they had one for $20 more but with free delivery.  I mentioned to the sales guy how our pause was caused by it being $20 cheaper at Costco and he instantly said no problem I will take off $20.  WOOO!  M was so happy that I said something cause he was thinking it would be worth an extra $20 to have it delivered.   So score.

OB appointment today went well.  He says things are progressing nicely and that she can come out at anytime.

Also just made a pasta salad that I normally love eating but had to use different salad dressing and well, yuck.  It is all M’s.


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