As a Christmas gift to myself I bought a sewing machine.  It is something I wanted because I would like to take up sewing and didn’t think I would actually buy one today but I did.  I got a Singer that was on sale for 98.99 at Joann’s and even tried it out a little bit today.  Of course after getting home I look it up online and there are several bad reviews for it.  I have to hope that part of those are more experienced sewers rather than a beginner like me who doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles, or $3000 machines.  I am going to start out by making some blankets for my nieces.  I bought some fabric, granted not enough as I found out tonight, and will work on them  so that they can be the birthday gifts.  However, the one I working on first is for my niece who’s birthday is in November.  Kid better like pink still at that time, and lets hope I don’t just give it to her early.  Who am I kidding, most likely I will.  I am just so excited to have something to do other than watch t.v., go on the internet or read a book.  Those have been my hobbies/past times for years so I need to branch out.  I did try taking up painting this past September and did about 4 paintings but there is only so much wall space and it is hard to give “so-so” art out as gifts.  So on to sewing!

Not sure if I mentioned this, I think it happened on Wednesday but I can’t remember.  Ran myself right into the end of a door.  Hurt like a mother. . .  and scared the crap out me.  I called the Dr. just make sure I had enough padding going on to only jar the baby which they said I did.  Hurt me pretty good though.  I don’t plan on repeating that anytime soon, I hope.


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