Holy Hormonal Break Down Batman!


So yesterday was one extrememly stressful day for me.  Sunday night I was checking out our bank accounts when I noticed that money was missing out of an account and it happened to be a large chunk.  Turns out the bank lost a deposit of ours before Thanksgiving and even though I went in and thought I got them to fix it they ended up taking the money back out thinking it was a mistake that we had it in there.  So I flipped out Sunday night and could not sleep I was so mad!  I dealt with the issue already and then it gets reversed and no one contacts me.  So I was up until 1:30am Monday morning before being tired enough to sleep.  I calmed down though and figured I would just go back in after my OB appt and get it fixed.

OB appt went well.  During my NST baby was very active which was nice to see.  I also got to see a few uterus contracts.  Asked the Dr. questions on what I will need to do now that I am full term and could go in to labor anytime and left feeling good. I drove back across town to the bank.  Talked with the same banker who helped me back in November.  She remembered me and that was good.  I told her they took the money back out.  She looks through the account and claims to have found the reason.  She states that after she had credited one of our accounts the money that the back office had found the error and credited a different account of ours the money.  I told her they didn’t but she said she can see two deposits for the same amount in that account which is why they would have taken back out the money she put in.  I told her it didn’t add up that if that was the case we would have no extra money in our account they credited us (because those deposits I do each month go direct into savings after I deposit).  She then did the wrong thing, she told me that if I was missing money that that was a concern and she would be happy to go over my register with me.  I worked at a bank a couple years ago so I know what that translates to “the bank is not wrong you are, you lost your own money”  Oh hell no.  I go home, log on to online banking and lo and behold they don’t show two deposits into that account and the balance is the same she was showing me.  I was right.  I hit print and drive my ass back down to catch her before lunch, which I did.  I show her there is not two deposits, just the one.  She looks. . hmm. . . she sees it doesn’t seem to add up.  She has me log onto my online banking at her station and sees that yes I am correct, the bank still hasn’t freaking given us our money (several hundred btw!).  So she makes a call, does another research request and then asks if I can get a copy of the checks.  So now I have a call into the people who send the checks to find out if one of them has even been cashed and if so if they can send us copies.  If not then I have to have the check re issued cause the bank lost them!  All because the teller who did the transaction when I brought them in tried to deposit both checks into the same account even though I had two different deposits slips for two different accounts.

I went crazy when I was at home printing out my online banking.  M tried calling me and I was flipping out that I had been told I lost several hundred rather than bank error.  He freaked out and drove right home because he was so afraid I was going to go into labor because of the stress.  After the bank M and I had lunch and snuggled on the couch which I really needed.

Yesterday was also our 2 year anniversary.   I love him and am glad I married him.  Even if he doesn’t know that when your wife is pregnant and hits the last few weeks of pregnancy she goes insane and needs extra TLC.  I have been emotionally smooth the last few months but not anymore.  Lots of anxiety and easily set off and easy to cry.  Fun fun fun.  I hope it doesn’t mean anything for after the baby is born.


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