Unnecessary Dreamin


I dreamt a lot last night.  Some nights I remember my dreams more than others and last night was one of them since I dreamt about having the baby.  I have had only two other dreams during the pregnancy.  First was really weird, I had the baby and it was a girl (dream was before we knew the sex) and I went to change her diaper.  Only where her female parts should be was a mouth.  Yeah, not sure what that one meant.  Then the other dream was I delievered her and M and I were so excited and just happy.  Then last night I dreamt that I had to have a c-section.  I am laying on the table being given medicine and then they start cutting.  They cut me along the left side of my abdomen which was some new way of doing it.  They took her and took her to a different room to my husband.  I kept asking why I needed a c-section and the Dr. would only give some lame excuse that I would not have been able to push her out because I didn’t know how to push right.  Yet they never even gave me a chance to push.  I was pissed and upset.

I guess one can only expect to have more weird dreams as time draws close.


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