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Still Cooking


Yesterday’s NST went well.  Addison was very active and had good responses.  Needless to say she is still cooking.  Can’t help but feel anxious but what can you do.  I don’t want her to come out before she is ready but lets hope she is ready before the doctor.  Payday means time to go buy […]

The holidays were good.  I surprised my parents with stockings which they haven’t gotten in over maybe 30 years.  My mom was extremely excited.  It felt good to that for them.  I got the last of the baby things I needed including the swing which I set up Christmas day.  My dad and M put […]

I spent the majority of Saturday sewing and wow was my upper back hurting me.  I had to constantly remind myself to use good posture but it was a tad difficult since I never have good posture.  Someday I might, and maybe with sewing I will learn to have it.  I worked a tad bit […]



As a Christmas gift to myself I bought a sewing machine.  It is something I wanted because I would like to take up sewing and didn’t think I would actually buy one today but I did.  I got a Singer that was on sale for 98.99 at Joann’s and even tried it out a little […]

So yesterday was one extrememly stressful day for me.  Sunday night I was checking out our bank accounts when I noticed that money was missing out of an account and it happened to be a large chunk.  Turns out the bank lost a deposit of ours before Thanksgiving and even though I went in and […]

I dreamt a lot last night.  Some nights I remember my dreams more than others and last night was one of them since I dreamt about having the baby.  I have had only two other dreams during the pregnancy.  First was really weird, I had the baby and it was a girl (dream was before […]

June 14th was my last post. . .wow.  Well where to begin on what happened since then.  We bought a house which closed at the end of July, we moved to the new town the same day we closed.  Just prior to closing my husband and I started couples counseling which was the best, I […]