So with everything stress wise going on I have neglected to update, when I reality I should not avoid this blog because it is perfect stress relief.

First, MIL is still here but M so nicely told her to go away to her daughters for a week. This has been the best week. I like her but I just need her not here. I need an arrival date and a departure date which I don’t get with her staying with us. Luckily if she arrives back at our house on Wednesday which I hope then I only have to spend a couple days with her before our vacation. So rock on. Still don’t know when she will finally leave.

My first doctor appointment was on the 12th. I was disappointed going in thinking there would not be an u/s and M would not get to see the baby because he wont be able to get the time off now. Well, the wonderful NP that we met with had them squeeze us in. She was amazing. Now I am so upset about not staying with this office. I don’t meet the doctor until the 29th but I am hoping to have some idea as to when I will switch to the doctor in the new town soon. The baby measured 11w 3d at the visit when I thought I was 10w 5d so that made me happy too. They got he/she to dance a bit and sit up an stretch (or at least what looks like that) heart beat was 162bpm. They gave us a bunch of pictures but I have yet to figure out how to scan them onto my computer. I would show baby bump photos but, there are none. I show no difference yet from 4 weeks to 10 weeks or now. I haven’t gained any weight yet either. I get car sick now and get light headed which I don’t enjoy. Still pretty tired all the time. In a couple more weeks I hope the tired feeling will go a bit away.

Bought my first set of maternity bras, a tummy sleeve and preggy drops. It was exciting. I just need a bump now!

Spent the morning vacuuming and cleaning carpets, scrubbing bathtubs and laundry.

In other news M and I are going to try marriage counseling. We need it especially with all the stresses going on in our lives. Things got bad for a bit. It is a bit better but we still need help.

So that is why I have been missing. will try to keep updating though.


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