So I have never tried go-gurts before yesterday.  we were at the store getting his boston cream pie when I saw the go-gurts and was looking at the flavors when my eye got caught by scooby doo and gang and I saw there was a fruit punch flavor.  Oh it was on.  I grabbed that box so quick.  Just had my first one this morning.  Nummers:)

House hunting sucked, M and I want different houses.  His mom is out of town with him.  Wish I could have gone to the coast too but at least I am left alone here.  Last week was so awkward with her and me here alone when her daughter is just 20 miles away and she only stayed one night with her because I guess she feels more comfortable at our place.  Go figure, it made me less comfortable.  He claims he will talk with her this week.  I doubt he will.  I had so many fights with that man about it, even threatened to go to my parents until she left.  She isn’t a bad person but I feel it is unfair we are not given a begin/end date to her visit, 1 month or maybe 2.  He told me she understood we needed our time to ourselves and she would spend most the time with her daughter instead I get the vibe that she is spending most of her time with us and giving us alone time by spending a few nights with her daughter here and there.  Uh, no not what we meant.  I am also stressing then about what she plans on doing in a year when she leaves her other son.  I don’t want to live with her yet.  I am sorry but I just don’t.  It isn’t fair.  She has a daughter she can live with who has invited her to live there but she feels she would be imposing.  Apparently she doesn’t feel that way about just moving in with the young, newly married couple who still have a lot of issues.  My right shoulder has broken out horribly from the pregnancy and the extreme stress her being here has caused.

That would all be why I haven’t posted lately.


One Response to “Ro-Gurt”

  1. I can’t believe you have never tried Go-gurt. Yum! I like to freeze them and eat them that way.

    Sorry the house hunting is not going so well. It sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate. I hope things start getting a little easier for you.

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