Long Lost Poster


So I have been hiding from the blog.  Not for any particular purpose except we have been busy and I have been tired.  Of course we have been spending most of our extra time house hunting.  Which sucks by the way.  We finally settled on one house and offering a certain price but just before we put that offer in M got a call.  One where the words “Don’t buy a house in that city, we are moving you” were utter.  What?! Did I just say they are moving us?!  Why yes I did!   The details are not ironed out yet but we should know more in a week and then we will begin house hunting in that city.  I am excited because it is closer to my family.  However, this means finding a new OB and setting up that appointment or commuting for my first prenatal appointment or sticking with June 12th here.  Not sure what to do.  What sucks is I am moving to an even bigger town but guess what, no one there takes our insurance because another insurance is the big bully in town.  What a total crock of shit.  

In other news I came down with a viral throat infection on Thursday.  So much fun especially since I can not drug myself to feel better.  Oh and least I not forget morning sickness apparently kicked in when I got the infection.  Oh yes, yes it did.  I am not throwing up but I am so very nausea that it is making things miserable.  At least the ginger is helping.

So that is where I am in life so far.  Off to sleep some more.


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