Lets See


What news, what news. . . hmm. Oh I know! How about the news that we found out we are staying where we are at and have decided to buy a house! Yay! In fact we got pre-approved for a loan Thursday and then saw a house Friday. . . and then put an offer in on said house! I know! We are moving fast. First house we saw and we put in an offer. Strange yes but when you consider we have been house hunting on the internet for months and know what is out there we are pretty happy with the home. We are asking $35,000 below what they want and that is after they dropped the price $30,000 about 1 month ago I think. So I don’t know how well they will like our offer. I just hope it works out. We are both talking about what we will do to the house so much that is going to be a big let down if the negotiations go bad. A pregnancy and a house all in one month, a lot to process but it would be awesome if it happens.

Went and saw Wolverine today, which was a pretty good movie. I expected more though after all the reviews I heard about it. Oh and Deadpool I heard they were making a movie out of so I wonder how that is going to work.

Hungry, going to go make cheesy hamburger helper. Oh yeah.


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