Weekend Getaway


This past weekend M and I were gone to visit my family. It was needed and long over due. I haven’t gone down to see all my family since December. My Mom and Dad have come up and visited me but my brother and his daughter are unable. So my mom and I did baby things. A bit early for it, yes. I couldn’t help myself she was so excited and wanted to go to Target and look at stuff that I got caught up in it. I even have a registry already when I am only 5 weeks along! I feel like I will be jinxing myself and something will happen. She had fun though and started buying stuff for the baby. It really sucks because I won’t be able to go down for Christmas. It will be my first Christmas without my family ever, and I will be pregnant with my first child. I have a feeling there will be lots of crying. I am hoping that we will get to buy a house and then at least I can invite everyone up to celebrate with us.

I woke up with M this morning at around 6am even though I didn’t need to. I got the laundry going and then laid on the couch and fell back to sleep. I had the hardest time getting myself back up. I have this list of stuff I need to get done today and I feel lazy but I like having my relaxing days and even though when we were with my family all I did was relax, we had to travel there and back so it didn’t feel like my true relaxing days.

Oh and yeah, May sucks. What happen to May’s flowers? I am done with April’s showers I tell ya.


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