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We are moving, looking for a house, I am emotional and M’s mom is visiting which brings out my frustration in not knowing what is going on, how long is she staying? I don’t know, How long is she staying with us? I don’t know. Is she planning on moving in with us even though […]



I am sick.  I feel so pitiful.  I need chicken soup, and vitamin C.  This means running to the store.  It is 4:45am.  Can’t sleep as I have been coughing up the green stuff and dealing with my nose all night.  This sucks.  No temp yet though.  I don’t know if work on Tuesday is […]

So I have been hiding from the blog.  Not for any particular purpose except we have been busy and I have been tired.  Of course we have been spending most of our extra time house hunting.  Which sucks by the way.  We finally settled on one house and offering a certain price but just before […]

Lets See


What news, what news. . . hmm. Oh I know! How about the news that we found out we are staying where we are at and have decided to buy a house! Yay! In fact we got pre-approved for a loan Thursday and then saw a house Friday. . . and then put an offer […]

Weekend Getaway


This past weekend M and I were gone to visit my family. It was needed and long over due. I haven’t gone down to see all my family since December. My Mom and Dad have come up and visited me but my brother and his daughter are unable. So my mom and I did baby […]