Backyard Visitor


Last night I was happily BBQ some steaks while M was out hitting some golf balls. Mylie had gone out for a bit before hand but already returned to the comfort of the house. I had was watching something on t.v. while everything was cooking. Soon though the timer went off which is of course requiring that I get up and flip the stead least I should want to burn them. As I walked down the deck stairs to the grill (small deck, lots of patio furniture means grill is out on the dirt in the yard) when from my left comes this huge pile of fur running to the right at the of our yard but only to begin with only like 5-6ft from me. At first I thought cat. Then my brain started to process things, hmm big cat, with no tail, point ears. . . oh! bobcat! The fur kind of looked spotted. It was injured though, favor it’s right hindquarter. It keeps walking slowly, glancing from side to side. Then when it reaches the fence where it likes to enter and exit appearantly it turns and looks at me. I was wrong, not a cat of any sort but this:

Backyard Visitor

Backyard Visitor

With no tail, and a gimpy right hindquarter. He/She was so cute! No I had never seen a raccoon before and yes I know they can be annoying with the trash and such, but I still felt bad for him/her.

Needless to say, Mylie does not get to go in the backyard alone anymore. Also, we need to fix a hole in the fence.


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