Falling Off The Workout Wagon


I have fallin off the work out wagon as it has been 2 weeks since my last work out.  I do admit to buying a bike in hopes that it will get me energized again.  I know just riding around the neighborhood won’t be a complete workout unless I do more than one hill (granted all the hills are freakin hard!). My first hill yesterday had me so out of breath and weak I collapsed happily onto the cool sweet driveway and rested before biking again for a short distance.  

In other news nothing too much else happening.  I have been tanning and I know I am horrible for doing it but I can’t help it cause for once in my life I would like to have a nice glow.  At least with the tanning beds it is controlled.  Any other time I would have to be outside and don’t know for how long.  At least I go to tan in the beds and then wear sunscreen while I am outside.  I am not expecting to look like a beach goddess, just as I always say a darker shade of white, maybe a creamy off white if I dare!  Honestly after 4 tanning sessions I am just barely a shade darker.  Well I only have 7 more tans to use that  I purchased anyway.  We will see where that lands me and I might stop or go once a week or switch to mystic tan once I get a base tan in hopes of not looking orange.

It is a beautiful day so I best get up and enjoy it.


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