The Patio Has It


Okay, this is going to sound so very weird. First the cats food just went off and it isn’t 5pm yet so something is messed up with that. I shall check into that. Second (and back on track) M and I bought patio furniture yesterday and I feel like an adult. I am 26 and married, living in a house, have a car payment, bough furniture and do other adult things, but buying pation furniture makes me feel like a grown up married woman. I don’t know why. I love the set and now we can sit out there and enjoy evening together. I just want to continue splurging on patio stuff including flowers. It make me feel very relaxed to have the ability to be out there.

In other news the fair skinned goddess that is I, went to a tanning salon today. I am going to get skin cancer. I know it. I just finally broke down. I wear the palest shade of makeup I can find. I see every dimple in my skin. I just want to not feel pasty. No more pasty skin! So I tanned. Then I bought a package so I will tan some more! I know!! I am horrible. Skin cancer. I would do the darn Mystic tan if the damn thing wasn’t so expensive and only lasted 5-7 days. Please, $30 for a 7 day tan. Yeah right. So I sit in hope that in one months time I will be a darker shade of white.


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