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So, since getting the wonderful faint pink line I have felt like I am  apart of a whole new group.  Moms.  I feel like I have been let into some secret club that I never knew how bad I wanted to be apart of.  I am not even 5 weeks yet but I am buying […]

Last night I was happily BBQ some steaks while M was out hitting some golf balls. Mylie had gone out for a bit before hand but already returned to the comfort of the house. I had was watching something on t.v. while everything was cooking. Soon though the timer went off which is of course […]

Nuff Said


So I have been a flake, which I already stated in a previous post but this time my reasoning was this. I was anxious to type something out but didn’t want to jinx things and well: So.. . Yay! M is in quiet shock. He went from trying with me to, “oh crap it happened” […]

I have fallin off the work out wagon as it has been 2 weeks since my last work out.  I do admit to buying a bike in hopes that it will get me energized again.  I know just riding around the neighborhood won’t be a complete workout unless I do more than one hill (granted […]

Posting Slacker


I am such a slacker of late.  M did not get one of the positions we were hoping for so I guess I have been a bit bummed and as such not talkative. Monday we dealt with the car.  Tuesday I worked, and Wednesday, and Thursday which bring us to today.  I tanned today.  Yes […]

Okay, this is going to sound so very weird. First the cats food just went off and it isn’t 5pm yet so something is messed up with that. I shall check into that. Second (and back on track) M and I bought patio furniture yesterday and I feel like an adult. I am 26 and […]