No Longer So Erked


I had my day of being erked and after a few days of calming down I am over it and while some might wish to know what bugged me so much I feel it wouldn’t be worth the time rehashing what is already dealt with.

On to other news.  Tuesday night I had a total creepy scare.  So M has been out of town on business and that is okay, all has been well.  Except Tuesday I get home and there is a hanging potted flower sitting on my doorstep with no note.  At first I thought, “Ahh, that is so sweet.”  I figured one of my neighbors must have left it.  So I texted my one neighbor I work out with and asked, she didn’t.  Called the other, ah no either.  M didn’t (not the type of flowers you would have delievered anyways), called mama just to check and nope.  No one sent them that I could think of.  So I started to remember how on Monday I went to the DMV and the guy that helped me started some awkward flirting with me about my hair.  Oh. my. god.  He has my address, it is on all the forms. EEK! No one I know sent these and it is the day after I get some guy kind of flirting with me who knows were I live!!!  There was one other possiblity and that is my landlady but that didn’t make sense and I couldn’t check until Wednesday.  So picture this, Tuesday night I slept in the living room with the light on with the cat at my feet dog on my chest a knife by my head the phone by my side and my car keys next to those so that if need be I could hit the panic button.  I woke up every hour to half hour expecting someone to have snuck in and been staring at me.  Yeah, did not sleep well.  So Wednesday I call and guess what, it was my land lady!  She wanted me to have a nice spring gift because of the letters I write her when I send in my rent.  Very sweet of her. . just next time a note would be nice.

Yeah, that was my self made drama.  At least I can laugh about the event.


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