Okay, I am very erked about something and hey, it does not involve M but rather the feeling of being used.  I miss living near friends that I can hang out with because they want to spend time with me rather than. . . aw fudge.  I can’t even type it write now because I am so erked it is just going to be  rant and I don’t want to be mean so I will just wait until I calm down and then explain my being erked.


Also, why do we call ourselves the human race rather than the human species? Race does not make sense in my mind.  I am sorry but we are a species.  I know some people don’t like to think of ourselves as on the same level as animals but when it comes to classification purposes we are, so wtf is with this human race thing?   Just thought I would throw that out there, since Lynn felt I should when we started having that discussion on the phone.

I am going to go be erked now.


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