Shape Identity Crisis


So, I have been working out wrong. Motherhood Uncensored had a link on her 30 Day Shred site which talked about body shapes and the proper exercises for them.  I have an hourglass shape and for over the past month I have been working out wrong for that body type.  It would explain why I feel larger, and fatter, rather than like I am loosing weight.  I have been using weights and increasing them.  In one month I went from 2lbs to 6lbs and would have jumped to 8lbs this week as well.  However, I should not have used weights at all this month!  I should have weighted until I lost weight and then used the hand weights to gain muscle.  I bulk up easy, that is why I am so freaking defeated with this damn process.  I should do bike riding, jogging, walking, etc. . .cardio.  Cardio first will get my body where it needs to be and from there I can add weights but apparently not before and let me tell you, I can see why.  M will be home soon and I wanted to look smaller for him.  I hope I have enough time to correct the errors I have made.


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