What’s Up Doc


So on Friday I went to the Doctor for my follow-up. She gave me the results of my labs which included the Vitamin D levels being on 17, they want them between 32 and 100. So she gave me a prescription for vitamin D tablets 50,000IUs. . . yah a lot. But I only take that little pill once a week which i like. She also told me my thyroid test was a bit puzzling to her. The one test showed normal function, the one that tells how well the brain is distributing the hormones. The other test showed my thyroid production a little low. So she had me do a second blood test and will also do a Ultrasound of my thyroid in a week. She doesn’t think it will show anything out of place though. At the same time it would be nice to know that some things aren’t just in my head.

No weight loss after a month of working out. I know I am creating muscle mass but I just feel thicker now rather than like I am looking better. What is up with that, you exercise more than you ever have before and your body says “I think we will just make room for Mr. Muscle and cause I like her, Miss Fat will stay on, she has done a good job, I don’t want to fire her just yet.” It is like hello, fire that fat already!

Yeah, I also miss M. I want my hunky honey back already.


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