Helping The Economy


My parents and niece are up for the weekend and I couldn’t be happier.  Well, I could if M was home this weekend too but sadly he isn’t and I am trying not to think about it but it is hard not to as he is my other half and makes me so happy.

Well, when around my mother we like to hang out and shop.  So I have been spending and helping the economy.  My dad gave me his practice painting that he doesn’t like but I love it so I went and framed it.  Bought some wall decor for the house, earings and other nic nacs.  Spending money on lunches and such as well.  The weekend isn’t over yet either.  I hope not to spend to much, don’t want to send the economy into another tail spin you know.

I am still working out in hopes of getting my belly button ring.   I don’t see any changes in me yet, it has only been a month.  I do know that sitting on the couch now feels wrong.  I wish I had some kids of my own to go play with.  Oh well.


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