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I had my day of being erked and after a few days of calming down I am over it and while some might wish to know what bugged me so much I feel it wouldn’t be worth the time rehashing what is already dealt with. On to other news.  Tuesday night I had a total […]



Okay, I am very erked about something and hey, it does not involve M but rather the feeling of being used.  I miss living near friends that I can hang out with because they want to spend time with me rather than. . . aw fudge.  I can’t even type it write now because I […]

So, I have been working out wrong. Motherhood Uncensored had a link on her 30 Day Shred site which talked about body shapes and the proper exercises for them.  I have an hourglass shape and for over the past month I have been working out wrong for that body type.  It would explain why I […]

I have been working out for one month, no wait, over a month now.  I have been doing 5 days a week with the work outs ranging from 15-45 minutes.  I have increased my weights from 2lbs to 6lbs and have lost, drumroll please  . . . . nothing.  Yup, zero. In fact might have […]

What’s Up Doc


So on Friday I went to the Doctor for my follow-up. She gave me the results of my labs which included the Vitamin D levels being on 17, they want them between 32 and 100. So she gave me a prescription for vitamin D tablets 50,000IUs. . . yah a lot. But I only take […]

I miss designing my own site. So the other night I decided to see if I could get back into it. For some reason coding in my text writer and trying to view the results doesn’t work anymore, at least not on my mac. Instead I see the code in the browser. Very frustrating especially […]

I have never been comfortable with change.  It wasn’t something I hated in the least when it came to new furniture or changing rooms.  It has always been in the big things, like my way of life.  Moving away from home for school was tough but I managed.  I created a routine that was similar […]