Work Out


So on Friday night we spent the evening with our neighbors on the otherside of us that we have never hung out with before. We played poker. I got drunk. I haven’t had a drink in over a month in because of us trying for a kid and my concern for my heart rate. Friday I said screw it. I am not pregnant and well my doctors apppointment for my racing heart is on this coming friday. We had fun and laughed a lot and then M and I walked home where I fell backwards on the floor, he took advantage of me (oh darn!) and then we went to sleep around 1am after a glass of water and tylenol. I hate drinking too much. I don’t sleep well and the next day I feel like I have no stomach lining.

Saturday we went shopping and I bought the game “My fitness Coach” for the Wii. I love that thing already. It is like a interactive workout dvd. My other neighbor and I tried that out last night. We cooked them dinner and checked out the game and just talked. No drinks. It was a good evening. I also bought new running shoes. We will see how much I run but at least they will get used in workouts. I want to get a heart rate monitor next.

Now we are just relaxing today. I am trying to get motivated to get out so I can pick some things up. The stupid antibiotics they gave me did result in a yeast infection, oh the joy. I hate how doctors don’t seem to warn women about this shit. I knew about it from previous exprience and tried to eat plenty of yogurt but ran out 4 days ago and so I didn’t keep up on it but had though I was in the clear. Wrong. Doctors need to say to women “I am putting you on an antibiotic so this is going to cause a new problem for you but you can help it by doing ___” He didn’t and I think even though I knew he should have because for women who don’t realize it then they are screwed and have to go get that fixed.

I started working on my book again but am only up to like 14,000 words. I have printed out and decided I would edit what I have first. It is slow goings. I only worked on the first chapter so far.

That is my life this week. Stay tuned.


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