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I have been holding my breath in suspense this past week.  I haven’t come on to type anything for fear that I would spill my hopes, dreams and fears to only find that it was another month of disappointment.  Well,  I seem to have found my way to disappointment again but at least I strung […]


This is my new love.  I watch Dollhouse on it and am thinking of branching out.  Who knows I might one day get rid of cable because of this.   I have done 11 workouts with My Fitness Coach and have been feeling the burn.  I hope I can stick with it and transform my body […]

Love Hate Week


I have been missing because I am lame like that but amazingly I do have plenty to say of my past week. Nothing much happened during last week up until last Thursday. The Dr. is back so we are a bit busier again which is nice. I hate being bored at work. However, with a […]

Work Out


So on Friday night we spent the evening with our neighbors on the otherside of us that we have never hung out with before. We played poker. I got drunk. I haven’t had a drink in over a month in because of us trying for a kid and my concern for my heart rate. Friday […]