Lets Talk About Sex


I have been trying to analyze M and mines sex life lately as I try and figure out why I have some issues with certain sexual positions. I read it in magazines and on the net, men like sex with women on top. M likes it best with me on top. I hate it. Why do I hate it is my big question. Why do I resist and dislike a position men and women seem to love? I have thought about it and I think one of the things is it makes me feel like I am serving him, and I hate that feeling. I want it to be us working together. What makes me feel like I am serving him though is he tends to just lay back and put his hands behind his head and will often close his eyes. He doesn’t interact with me like he does it other positions. Then I feel bad because he always asks me to get on top and I tell him no because then I lose my enthusiasim because of what I stated. I try and interact with him when he is on top because it would be weird if I just laid there while he did his stuff. So then the question becomes, how do I fix this? How do I make the on top position something I can look forward to? I guess I can talk some with him about it. I just want full interaction. Any thoughts?


2 Responses to “Lets Talk About Sex”

  1. 1 Lynn

    Your so weird. Try turning around. I don’t think I could talk about my sex life on line where my friends could read it, but thats just me. You should have come down for the naughty girls party. It might have helped.

    • 2 deepshades

      Yeah, but get enough drinks in me and apparently me and everyone else will talk about sex lives. Like I learned the other night my male neighbor loves his vibrating cock ring and “must try it, but the one for the balls” he then told us he had extra if we wanted to have one. I kindly declined that offer (yes I was grossed out).

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