I hurt all, over. My body aches in my lower body especially. My skin hurts to touch. One moment M is doing something so sweet because I am and then the next he is making dumbass comments that just piss me off. I mean, hello, I am sick why would I want to have sex at this particular moment?! I just wish he would take care of me hold me, and not make dumbass comments. Cause, really he is good at caring for about 65% of the time. Even cancelled going out of town tonight he says for me. Then he starts talking about how he is going to get him some tonight and I tell him to stop joking cause I feel like crap and he goes, “well, I wasn’t really joking.” Really!?!?! WTF? I love him though he is a pain in my ass sometimes.

My throat hurts and my ears are starting to too.


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