That I am. So it has been a while since I last posted. M’s mom visited and left last Thursday. She is a great lady and I could tell she was enjoying having a break not having to fix people dinners and such and actually having others do that instead. She really needs to move away from her other son who just uses her, she deserves better.

I celebrated my 26th birthday! Yay, I don’t feel older, and I don’t feel bad about turning another year older it is kind of nice. Weird to think my sister had a kid already by this age though. M was awesome. He brough flowers, ballons, candy and cake to my work and then decorated the house. I hope he realizes now I will expect similar treatment in years to come! That is okay, I do the same for him and look forward to what I can think of next year to make his day special. I love that man. Oh! He and his momma got me a Wii Fit! They came instock on my birthday at the local Wal-mart so they got one at the regular price (stupid internet retailers charging over $100!). I have done it 5 or 6 times and it states that my bmi is at a steady decline. Not sure what to attribute that to since I don’t think one week of using it would cause me to loose weight but if it continues that would be awesome. I think I need to change my goal. I am doing more of the aerobics and yoga on it. Granted I hate the running and refuse to run in place. Maybe if I did it on the treadmill.

Went out shopping this weekend and just really enjoyed my time with M. He doesn’t realize it often but he is my only friend in this new town and I depend on him a lot and have a tendency to want to spend all of our weekend time with him only since he is gone durning the week a lot. In fact because of an array of circumastance we ended up having a fight last night, or at least we had a me yelling / crying at him while he kept saying “I am sorry, I love you, lets go to bed.” Marriage is tough, it is work and it means a lot of compromise and looking inward at ourselves. I have a lot of improvement I need to do. I hope excercising each day will help lower my stress and make me more easy going. He is working on him self too and I do notice. He is helping out a lot more with the house work. I am feeling like we are team with it. I love him so much.

Finally today we went and saw Bride Wars which I loved. He liked the ending but did not enjoy seeing them hurt each other. It made me miss my friend Lynn, but luckily she is coming for a visit this weekend and I am so excited.

That is my rather pitiful recap of my week.


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  1. I love you more.

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