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I have been trying to analyze M and mines sex life lately as I try and figure out why I have some issues with certain sexual positions. I read it in magazines and on the net, men like sex with women on top. M likes it best with me on top. I hate it. Why […]

Doctor’s Note


I went in bright and early into the urgent care and found that yes indeed I have a throat infection. I came back home after spending an hour and half in the store waiting to receive my medicine. I laid on the couch in front of the heater and barely moved today. I miss M. […]



I hurt all, over. My body aches in my lower body especially. My skin hurts to touch. One moment M is doing something so sweet because I am and then the next he is making dumbass comments that just piss me off. I mean, hello, I am sick why would I want to have sex […]



That I am. So it has been a while since I last posted. M’s mom visited and left last Thursday. She is a great lady and I could tell she was enjoying having a break not having to fix people dinners and such and actually having others do that instead. She really needs to move […]

For the past week I had started taking my blood pressure at work and noticed that my pulse averaged 100 bpm resting, and 122 after walking, just walking.  I weight 138lb am 26 and 5’3″ and so this is not normal.  I am nervous.  I am trying to get in with a doctor but they […]

Full Moon


I got mooned on Saturday by a homeless man at a gas station.  I feel violated.

I am a complicated woman.  What woman isn’t right?  Well, to add to my complicated woman features I have the odd quirk of being big time shy.  Growing up when I was say 10 years old, I hated the idea of going up to a cashier and paying for an item.  I would rather my […]