Happy Holidays from the Sick one


I have been MIA here for a while. My bad. Granted for the past week I have had an excuse. Illness, yes. It started with my husband and hit me. Just before our trip too. I was catching it on monday and had it by tuesday last week. I think I have bronchitis by all my symptoms. It made sleeping miserable. Still is. Last night I tried the vicks vapor rub on my feet. I didn’t cough, but then again I did take Nyquil too so I don’t know which worked. However, I woke up and was coughing up so much stuff it made me wonder if the vicks on my feet really broke it up last night.

Christmas was good, saw the family and friends which always makes it easier when I come home. I miss them terribly and seeing them helps me not see them like a mini charge.

Now I need to clean up with house. I think M is mad at me cause I took today off. I am so very glad I did though with this cold. I need it. I thought he wasn’t leaving for work today until 11am which I guess I heard wrong. I can’t change it but he is still pissed at me.


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