Rock It & Sock It


Don’t ask what the title means, cause I don’t know.  Wow, I just really don’t know what to report on.  I worked.  We had a new girl that I am training.  I am not going to judge her yet.  I will say I didn’t like her asking several times through out the day on her second day if she was doing well, and then before I even answered she stated “cause I think I am”.  I don’t like having to boost someones self-esteem on their second day, several times a day.  Also, she is a talker.  I am learning a lot about her personal life.

Went to M’s office Christmas party which was really fun.  Got to meet  a lot of his co workers who he doesn’t work with much since he is gone quite often.  

I have started writing again which I believe I mentioned.  I had started a couple months ago but scratched what I had started because I wasn’t excited about it.  This time I thought of an idea and I got excited.  So excited that I even enlisted my friend to give me some feed back.  I only have 6200 words and my goal is 50,000.  I am giving myself 3 months for my first draft.  I am hoping that I will make it.  If not it isn’t like it is due somewhere.  If my first draft gets a thumbs up from my friend even though it will need a ton of work then I will go ahead and try and find a agent.  I am excited about it though.

I am so boring.  That is all i have to say.  Except, yay for Christmas time!


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