Holidays. . . heh


So for all the stress and frustrations that Thanksgiving brought me I did enjoy myself.  I got to see my mom and that always makes me feel normal again.  It helps center me.  I had a good time just being in the same house as her and my dad.  I also got to spend some good time with my brother and his daughter as well as my other niece.  We went and visited M’s family on Saturday and I had a good time.  I enjoyed watching the fireworks and the bridge lighting.

Now to just brace myself for possible stress and frustrations with Christmas and my Birthday.  Then I come home and find out that my horrible exvet “Banfield” renewed our wellness plan for the dog even though I thought we cancelled it after telling the woman how much I hated their service and thought they ripped us off.  I called, got it officially cancelled and oh, they wont refund me the 21.95 they took out of my account for services I haven’t even used yet.  Screw you Banfield.  Never go there.

Plus side, I got a $1.00 raise at work today, even though I haven’t even been there 3 months.  Yay.  Mo money.  Is it sad that I wish it was more just cause i know what the girl I replaced was making and I know i am twice the worker she is.

Working on that book again.  Changed the story completely.  I am excited about it but find getting past the first few intro chapters is bogging me down.  

That would be it.


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