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I have been MIA here for a while. My bad. Granted for the past week I have had an excuse. Illness, yes. It started with my husband and hit me. Just before our trip too. I was catching it on monday and had it by tuesday last week. I think I have bronchitis by all […]

Great Read


I just read the book Outlander and LOVE IT.  I love it more than Twilight. Yes I said it, I said it and I meant it and love it!  You all must read it. That is what I have to say.  I haven’t much else.  I am mad at the stupid dog.  Often wish we didn’t […]



They say we will get snow possibly this weekend!  Yay.  Go Snow.  I love it.  I didn’t think I would actually get snow here so that makes me happy. I went shopping on Sunday and got myself snow new jeans.  You know, ones that fit.  and then some very warm sweaters.  They rock so I […]

Don’t ask what the title means, cause I don’t know.  Wow, I just really don’t know what to report on.  I worked.  We had a new girl that I am training.  I am not going to judge her yet.  I will say I didn’t like her asking several times through out the day on her […]

So for all the stress and frustrations that Thanksgiving brought me I did enjoy myself.  I got to see my mom and that always makes me feel normal again.  It helps center me.  I had a good time just being in the same house as her and my dad.  I also got to spend some […]