The Silly


I am currently watching 10.5 Apocolypse.  The original one made me laugh and so does this one.  Still I can’t take my eyes off of it.  I guess it just comes from what little geology I did have before leaving school that makes me laugh a bit.  Granted it is better than watching nothing.

We worked on the Christmas lights today.  Almost finished, I think it will look cool.  I even did a tree outline with some of the lights.  I would love more lights to put up but oh well.  M realized I was right today about having more lights.  Lol, figures.  He states he still will most likely not listen to me in the future.  Great.

Side note, I keep getting side pains and they are a bit confusing and annoying.  I am a bit worried as to what they could be but that is all I am.  We are still trying for a baby but no luck yet.  I don’t get how it is that some people get so lucky the first time they have sex with someone and then others can try and plan and nothing for a long time.  I mean it has only been 3-4 months that we have been trying but still, if I had known this about my chances I would have not been so paranoid in the beginning.


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