The Waiting Ends


So today M and I , even though M had a bum back, went and watched “Twilight”.  So what do I feel about it?  Not bad, not amazing either.  I liked it.  I felt that Pattison’s Edward was a bit awkward in the beginning, especially him having to act unhappy and not wanting to be around Bella.  It got better when he showed happiness.  He is definitely good at acting about being happy but angst, a little hard to watch.  Granted it got much better as the movie went on.  It held pretty true to the book, a few changes that I didn’t care for but again, oh well, still was good.  I hope the other movies are good as well.  

We put up part of our outdoor xmas lights too which is nice.  I can’t wait for all of them.  I am also very excited about being able to see my family this week.  Turkey dinner is also sounding so very good!  Yum.  Indoor decorations are all about done.

Funny how I am so not wanting to read right now.  The four days of twilight reading  of all four books has burnt me out.  At least I’ve got my wonderful husband who bought me Wall-e so that I could watch it and now own it so when we have children I can say “Wall-e!” to them as we watch it.


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