Oh Where To Begin


Almost sounds like I am going to tell you a ton of interesting things that happened to me doesn’t it?  Well, I am not.  Haha.  No, sorry, that was mean.  I lead such a boring life.  If it wasn’t for my emotional fits of despair and insecurity I swear there would be not much show of difference in my day to day existence.  Yeah.

To start I am really looking forward to the Twilight movie premiere.  I haven’t checked to see if it is sold out yet, but the town in small so here is to hoping not.

Major changes in my life. . . I have found music again.  It is strange, for a long time growing up I would always listen to the radio, or CDs especially as I fell to sleep.  A lot of the time fantasizing about me being a kick butt woman, taking charge of her life not scared of anything.  However, for the past 4 years or more that went away.  I stopped buying a lot of CDs, listening to the radio or even just listening to music outside of the car.  I don’t know why.  Then something happened this past week and I am alive with the need to listen to music again.  Granted for the past two months I started buying some CDs again (like 3 or something) and then just the need to listen to music, and not just country music anymore, has exploded.  All I have ever really listened too for so long is Country.  Now, I don’t want country.  I want Rock, Alternative and Pop.  Something with a fast beat that makes me want to dance.  I want to feel alive with the music.  I like Paramore, never heard of them until last week, but I love them.  I want kick butt with P!nk and know that I am a Crazy Bitch that is Too Drunk with Buckcherry.  I don’t know, I don’t know what happened.  So what does one woman who has the need for music do?  Yup, I got an IPod Nano.  I only have 256 songs on it so far from what CDs I have but I have a wish list I created as i have gone through Itunes and have at least 15 songs I want to buy.  Give me more time I bet I will have at least 100 more.  

So do any of you have recommendations for songs that meet my needs?  Once we get paid I am spending like $30 to buy individual songs cause i just need it.  Yes, they do make me think of myself as a butt kicker again.  Maybe it will help me find the desire and motivation to drop 10lbs and feel even more awesome about myself.  Amazing how the need for music is making me feel good.  Amazing how much I am in love with my purple 16GB IPod Nano, and Itunes kicks butt.  Just my opinion but yeah, I believe it.

Oh, we also bought a new tv and stereo system.  I still love my IPod more though.  Best money I have every spent.  I just need more songs.


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