Going with the masses


I broke down and decided to buy the book twilight yesterday.  I have been seeing the previews for the movie and it look so good I figured I should break down and read it before I see the movie.  OMG.  I am so glad I did.  I stayed up until 4am last night and finished the book.  I want the other three now.  I am hooked, suckered in.  They got me.  I couldn’t put it down.  I was so wrapped into and can’t say enough how intense the scenes between Bella and Edward for me.  I know. 

So I eagerly await going into town today where I plan on purchasing all three books.  I wish I could say I will have them finished before work on Monday but I must show so restraint, I mean M will want some of my time, and I can’t blame him.  I want his, I am just addicted!.  Help me.


2 Responses to “Going with the masses”

  1. I broke down and read the Twilight series. I will probably sneak to go see the movie. *Shhh* don’t tell!

  2. 2 deepshades

    Your secret is safe with me. I am dragging my husband along to see the movie. Granted as I swoon for the men up on the screen that might not be a good idea.

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