Just A Working Girl


Not in the prostitute way though of course.  So today marked the start of my first full time week.  If all goes well we will only be here for 5 months and thus I will not have to worry about working a job i didn’t want to do in the first place.  I asked if a job could be given back to someone else today also.  Here is how things are going: Girl left job, I am taking over the girl’s jobs.  I had jobs I did previously as my parttime back up helping self, I still have to do that job ontop of my new job.  The girl who left didn’t even have to do that.  I will be the other girl, but I shouldn’t have to learn to do her job and then do the extra work that she never had to do on top of it.  Nope, no thank you.

We are saving up for a brand new flat panel LCD tv.  I kind of want a Sony Bravia, with motion flow technology.  I also want the sony bravia home theater system.  Pricey.  I know.  I only need a 37 inch.  We were going to get a cheaper Vizio but I am afraid to buy cheaper and unknown and then walk into Costco and see the awesome tv and wish we could have that.  So we are saving up for the good stuff I think.  I am making more money so why not.  After that all we will need to save up for is the freezer.  Oh yeah.

Okay below is a pic of my new haircut!  Love it or hate I don’t care cause I love it.  Granted I asked for platnum.  I never get blonde blonde.  I am going in again in about a month so it will get blonder.


Also, call me sick and demented but I want to start decorating for Christmas.  Yes I know.  I am in love with a lot of pier 1 imports Christmas stuff. I have issues I know. I mean what happened to Thanksgiving? Well, I do have gobbles out and he is looking cute. I love Christmas decor, what can I say.  So I might just decorate.  Watch out world.

Oh and on another note I have started monitoring my Basal temperature.  I guess I am ready for a kid.  Who would have thought it huh?


One Response to “Just A Working Girl”

  1. I like your hair. Thanks for the chuckle regarding jobs…I feel the same way! 🙂

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