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So crapy nights sleep.  I think it was because M wasn’t there and I felt guilty and just wanted to make everything better but couldn’t.  I fear that I am pushing him away by being my emotional stubborn self. He is stubborn too which doesn’t help but at least his stubbornness has kept him around […]

The Silly


I am currently watching 10.5 Apocolypse.  The original one made me laugh and so does this one.  Still I can’t take my eyes off of it.  I guess it just comes from what little geology I did have before leaving school that makes me laugh a bit.  Granted it is better than watching nothing. We […]

So today M and I , even though M had a bum back, went and watched “Twilight”.  So what do I feel about it?  Not bad, not amazing either.  I liked it.  I felt that Pattison’s Edward was a bit awkward in the beginning, especially him having to act unhappy and not wanting to be […]

Almost sounds like I am going to tell you a ton of interesting things that happened to me doesn’t it?  Well, I am not.  Haha.  No, sorry, that was mean.  I lead such a boring life.  If it wasn’t for my emotional fits of despair and insecurity I swear there would be not much show […]

I was strapped with handcuffs to the Twilight Saga this past weekend.  Yes, from Thursday until Monday I was reading. . . all four books.  Yeah, so sad.  Poor M wanted to throw the books out, cause he was a little jealous that I couldn’t put these books down, even for him (well I did, […]

I broke down and decided to buy the book twilight yesterday.  I have been seeing the previews for the movie and it look so good I figured I should break down and read it before I see the movie.  OMG.  I am so glad I did.  I stayed up until 4am last night and finished […]

Not in the prostitute way though of course.  So today marked the start of my first full time week.  If all goes well we will only be here for 5 months and thus I will not have to worry about working a job i didn’t want to do in the first place.  I asked if […]