Jobs suck


I was suppose to be part time and back up.  Now a girl has quit and they need me more, so I said okay.  Figuring I would be able to help keep us a float for a while.  Today I was forced to realize that not only am I a helpful back up that I once was but also am suppose to be doing the other girls job, all of it.  I hate it.  I never wanted to have this job be stressful and in one horrible day it has become that.   I can’t stop sobbing.  Horrible, horrible sobbing.  I even hit my head against the wall because I was in such hysterics, angry, and frustrated.  Hope I don’t have a concusion now.  That would just be the icing on the cake.

So now I can’t sleep and M isn’t here and he tells me to tell them I quit or blah blah.  We need the money.  Don’t need, but live better with I should say.  Like I am going to go and job hunt for another job when we have 5 months left.  

Never again will I work in a medical office.  I should have known better.  I thought I was safe working only 16 hours a week and being backup.  I even said how if the job sucked I would be fine because I only worked 16 hours a week.  Look how that got screwed.  Now I am 34 hours a week and having to do jobs I was never trained to do.  Overwhelmed.  I deserve a freaking raise.  I wish we would when the lotto.  Freaking quit and go back to school.  

And your day?


One Response to “Jobs suck”

  1. Just see things… the positive way. You work a lot, so yay – you don’t get bored. You work a lot, so yay – you get more money 😉 You know how I mean it.

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