Chop it off!


I love my husband.  I love him so much.  He has these moments that surprise me especially when he and I are out shopping and I try to be all responsible even though i really want something I will be all ” I shouldn’t buy it at this time, I have Christmas stuff to buy.”  He then responds “Get it!” Of course I don’t feel I should so he shouts at me ” I will buy it for you”.  Yes, I love him.  It is in those moments that he shows me his selflessness in willing to spend his money when I do have money to buy me something I can live without just to see me smile.  I hope he knows how much I appreciate him and realize his love for me.

M is joining the Elks lodge.  They wanted to meet me too.  He wants to join because of family who have joined and he wants to continue doing such as well.  I think that is awesome.  Granted they thanked us for being so young and taking over for some 55 or older person who was once considered the youngest person.  So this was our Friday night, talking for three hours with an older generations.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the older generation.  I just deal with them so often with work and work I had done in the past, that I just don’t know about doing it in my free time too.  I kind of like the idea of my socializing being with people My own age or there about.

That same day we had a meeting at work to clarify what each persons position is and especially mine as the new girl/ part time worker.  It didn’t work how i would have hoped.  She clarified my schedule and that I was not the only one suppose to work on this one job in the office.  So the girl who is pushing for me to have more hours I don’t think heard she was suppose to work the job I do when I am there, when I am not. Or the fact that I am not coming in full time on a specific day like she wants.  The reason I know this, cause she asked me if that was clarified when I talked to her later on this weekend.  Oh well, I know my jobs, I know my purpose and I am just going to report to the boss from now on.  She wasn’t feeling well when we had the meeting so maybe she wasn’t focused.

Saturday was shopping day and did we shop!  I got so much Christmas shopping out of the way.  Gift cards were bought, all the nieces and nephews are done with. M’s mom is completely done as is my sister.  I think I just $122 left to spend on everyone to finish things up and that includes M.  He got my Xmas gifts while we were out shopping so he is happy as can be cause he also got my birthday gift done.  We bought jewelery.  I  was looking at some pieces and the woman brought out a natural pink sapphire ring that was regular $499 (eyes bulge!) but on clearance sale price of $160 (I know right!?!) so he was all well, if you want that for your xmas gift.  I jumped on that and said okay.  He was happy.  I then asked the sales lady how much the matching pink sapphire earrings were.  On sale for $57!!  no shit I kid you not. I looked at him and said “Those could be my birthday gift”  of course he thought that was awesome cause guess what, he is all done with xmas and my birthday in one swoop!  So I have a new pretty ring and earrings.  

I also got a portion of his xmas gift ahead of time for him so he was a bit happy about that.  I think he deserves better than what he bought but whatever.

M cleaned the garage yesterday and then ended up talking with our neighbors.  When we first moved in I was excited that we had a set of neighbors that were cool and I could see being friends with.  Also the wife/mom was a stay at home mom so since I am not working full time I thought i would have someone to hang out with and talk to.  However, she never came over and tried to get to know me and there were a few times I went over and talked to her when she was out front but was never like recipicated or what not so I also figure that she doesn’t like me and just didn’t want to hang out.  I mean, I can understand it cause sometimes peoples personalities don’t click and maybe she new that right away.  So needless to say when we ended up in their house last night I felt awkward, especially when we somehow got ourselves invited for dinner.  I made drinks and tried to keep the converstation going with her as much as possible.  I just don’t think she will be coming over her on her own uninvited.  Kind of sucks.

Other sucky news.  I don’t know why but I keep hoping I am pregnant.  Part of me (a larger part than before) wants it to happen and another part says it isn’t the right time.  When is the right time?  I figure when we have moved and are in a permant spot for a while.  When will we move though?  We don’t know.  So then it is me sitting here liking the idea of being a mommy with my wonderful husband.

Okay now to the title of the post.  I chopped my hair off.  I need to get a picture but it is a bob that I had them cut to the chin line.  Which I know realize I would prefer 1 inch longer.  M doesn’t think that would make a difference but us girls know otherwise.  I also had a lot more blonde put in.  M says he loves it.  I hope he is being honest cause I would not be hurt if he didn’t.  It is a different look.  Pictures to come soon!


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