What I Want


I have decided that the dog I want is a Maltese.  So when we move or if we don’t move in a years time then I am getting one.  That will be my dog.  I think those dogs are so cute and just want to cuddle their fluffy fur.  Yes, I have decided.

I was once told that I hold people to very high standards.  I guess I do.  Mainly M since he is who I am around all the time.  I don’t know how to stop it.  I don’t know how to be happy with how things are instead of being disappointed with how they aren’t.  I asked him last night what he expects of me.  As his wife what does he expect from me, what is my role in his eyes, etc.  I just sincerely wanted to know what he thinks a wife is and what her role is because then maybe it would solve some mysterys.  Even if I don’t agree with it, at least then I would know where he stands.  I have told him constantly what I expect from him, for all the good that has done.  I want and expect a partner.  Someone who appreciates what the other does and makes sure it is known to them.  Someone who wants to help and work together, that doesn’t just assume it is the other persons job.  I mean Yes I don’t work as much as him but that doesn’t give him a get out of helping me free card.  If I take the time after working (or not working) to do the dishes and then cook dinner then yes I do expect him to not only clean up after him self and put his dish away but to help pick up the dinner mess.  Why am I the only one who gets to clean it all up.  I will admit he has a few times helped with the cleaning up the dinner mess and it meant the world to me, but it isn’t the norm.  At least he puts away his dish.  I honestly understand he is tired when he comes home but five minutes of his time to say without words “thank you for the great meal honey, I appreciate it so much” by showing me with actions of helping me would mean the world.

I love M so much but at the moment we are on different pages.  He expects something from me and I expect something from him and I don’t know if both of us is getting what we think the other should give.  How are we suppose to give what the other expects without being informed as to what that is.  I want someone willing to give 15 minutes of his time each day in helping to maintain our house so that it doesn’t all wait until the weekend and isn’t all on one person.  I will never be the type to do all the chores without help or one complaint.  It isn’t built into me, so if that is what he expects it wont happen.

EDIT:M does help out about every two weeks or so on the weekend in doing a major pick up of the house. Also last time he did help with the laundry that time too. He does help. It isn’t like he doesn’t at all it is just with the everyday stuff. I don’t know, whatever.


2 Responses to “What I Want”

  1. 1 Scott

    Bichon Frise’s are similar to Maltese’s. I love my Bichon and would suggest one as they’re very easy to look after and my puppy was trained pretty quickly! They’re so cute too.


  2. 2 deepshades

    I will look into that. I would love an easy to train dog after trying to training our doxie (never had a doxie before) which was the breed my husband wanted. I am done with stubborn dogs.

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