The Stress Machine


I stressed this week over a job that isn’t suppose to stress me.  How sad is that?  Part time job started freaking me out.  Though I am part time they have decided I am responsible for one task in the office that is a very important task.  A task that can pile up if you are not there.  Which is why I was stressing out.  I thought know one would catch me up so I would never be catch up and then my part time job would have to become a full time job and then I started getting upset and frustrated and couldn’t sleep.  Yeah.  I talked with them yesterday and asked what is going to happen when I am not there, will someone else do them.  Yes.  They won’t let them get to bad.  Okay good.  Because, I wanted this job part time.  I did.  That way I don’t get attached or stressed during this transition phase of M and mines life.

M did surprise me on Tuesday since he was in the area.  He hunted out my job and brought me roses (crap I forgot to bring those home) and candy.  Love the man.  He has never done that before (Yes he brought me breakfast to work in the beginning of our relationship when I had to work on a Saturday once but I knew he was going to). So I was excited beyond belief.  It was the best thank you he could give me.  Actions a lot of the time speak louder than words for me.  I love that man.

Internet has been crappy slow and so I had to deal with the internet company and now they are coming out tomorrow.


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