Story Ideas


I started writing a story but it just isn’t flowing so I started thinking of old daydreams I had growing up and how I should write those because I spent a lot of time on them.  One being me working for a gov. agency as a kick as special forces opperative who decided she wanted a normal life for a bit because I was only 17 or something and so they programmed my a chip into my brain that made me forget about my past life and only had the memories of the life I wanted until a future date when I should be needed.  Then I would remember both lives.  Then I saw a preview for the new show “My own Worst Enemy” and I am so bummed cause it is somewhat similiar to the story in my head that I developed 8 or so years ago.  Damn it I should have acted sooner and written that story.  I guess I still could.  It is a bit different.  I just couldn’t believe the idea of them messing with his mind so he had two different lives.  I think I will.  It was a Daydream I had a lot and is a huge part of me.


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