It is FALL!


There is rain going on outside this house and I am so freaking happy.  Not to mention I got to sleep in today and that I have a four day weekend.  Yeah, I know go ahead hate me.  I let the dog out this morning and it wasn’t raining but had been.  She took her time and finally came back and announced herself so I let her back in.  and then there were paw prints.  Crap.  I love the rain but I forgot about that. Little tiny paw prints across our kitchen floor.  I still love the rain.

I went out shopping and was going to get myself some new shoes for the this wonderful fall weather.  I failed to this.  I got cute closed toe shoes, but not ones meant for wet weather.  Oops.  I also did get some sweaters though so that is a plus!

Then I decided to go get us some food and the local discount store.  Freaking stupid of me.  I could not believe how busy it was.  I almost couldn’t find a parking spot and almost ran my cart into I don’t know how many people.  Gah! I hate shopping with a crowd.  However, I rented movies and now my wonderful tasting stoup is on the stove getting ready for dinner on this cold gloomy day that I love.

I love fall and winter.


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