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Jobs suck


I was suppose to be part time and back up.  Now a girl has quit and they need me more, so I said okay.  Figuring I would be able to help keep us a float for a while.  Today I was forced to realize that not only am I a helpful back up that I […]

Chop it off!


I love my husband.  I love him so much.  He has these moments that surprise me especially when he and I are out shopping and I try to be all responsible even though i really want something I will be all ” I shouldn’t buy it at this time, I have Christmas stuff to buy.” […]

Yes, it is the middle of October and yes the stress of Christmas is already getting to me. I grew up watching my mother plan ahead for Christmas by shopping year round for gifts so that she could get everyone what she wanted without having to worry about the money. While I have yet to […]

What I Want


I have decided that the dog I want is a Maltese.  So when we move or if we don’t move in a years time then I am getting one.  That will be my dog.  I think those dogs are so cute and just want to cuddle their fluffy fur.  Yes, I have decided. I was […]

I lead a pretty boring life, what can I say.  This would be why I have not posted. Worked Yesterday, and worked half a day today.  I don’t think M quite understands some things.  I get a little upset about this job because I was happy with Tuesday Thursday with Wednesday flexable.  That to me […]

I stressed this week over a job that isn’t suppose to stress me.  How sad is that?  Part time job started freaking me out.  Though I am part time they have decided I am responsible for one task in the office that is a very important task.  A task that can pile up if you […]

Story Ideas


I started writing a story but it just isn’t flowing so I started thinking of old daydreams I had growing up and how I should write those because I spent a lot of time on them.  One being me working for a gov. agency as a kick as special forces opperative who decided she wanted […]